The Summer Seminar “Europe – Migration – Identity” was held this past week in Minneapolis. The seminar brought together graduate students and established scholars from Europe and North America to discuss their research at the intersection of “Europeanization” research and migration studies. Below some first impressions, a full conference report will follow soon.


The participants of the seminar:

Participants (left to right): Jens Wegener, Kiran Klaus Patel, Marynel Van Zee, Sally Gregory Kohlstedt (convener), Laura Miller, Jessica Sperling, Amanda Ricci, Saara Koikkalainen, Donna Gabaccia (convener), Ashley Narayan, Barbara Reiterer, Christine von Oertzen, Mimi Cowan, Leslie Page Moch, Andreas Joch, Jan Logemann (convener), Clelia Caruso, Andreas Heil, Corinna Ludwig, Daniel Bessner, Tobias Brinkmann, Thomas Wolfe, Shira Klein, Riv-Ellen Prell


Keynote Lecture by Kiran Klaus Patel:



Introductory remarks by Donna Gabaccia, co-convener and our host at the Immigration History Research Center:

Graduate students presented their work and received feed-back from scholars in the field:

Amanda Ricci, Barbara Reiterer, Christine v. Oertzen, Marynel Ryan Van Zee

The audience helped to make discussions both focused and lively:

Amanda Ricci, Jessica Sperling, Laura Miller, Leslie Page Moch, Ofer Ashkenazi, Thomas Wolfe, Sally Gregory Kohlstedt

The seminar provided much room for individual exchanges on research as well:

Tobais Brinkmann and Andreas Heil

After four days of intensive scholarly engagement, the Minnesota State Fair provided a welcome diversion and a chance to sample the local cuisine:

Jens Wegener, Tobias Brinkmann, Mimi Cowan, Kiran Patel, Jan Logemann, Clelia Caruso