The German Historical Institute in Washington DC is seeking contributors to write short encyclopedic entries for the website Transatlantic Perspectives: Europe in the Eyes of European Immigrants to the United States, 19301980  ( We aim to foster scholarly cooperation in the field of transatlantic history and to provide an opportunity, especially for graduate students and young scholars, to present relevant aspects of their research.

The Transatlantic Perspectives website introduces scholars and students to European-born migrants and their transatlantic careersIt highlights transatlantic institutions and networks that facilitated transfers and exchanges between Europe and the United States during the twentieth century. The website also contextualizes the migrants’ professional biographies within the framework of transatlantic relations during the second half of the twentieth century by providing links to mass media articles that illustrate the mutual perceptions of Europe and the United States. Finally, the website provides documents, bibliographies, links to archival records, and tools for educators. In developing this resource, we hope to facilitate further research and a growing understanding of the transnational interconnectedness of the Atlantic world throughout the mid-twentieth century.

The entries for the website fall into one of three categories:

  • Biographical entries about individual immigrants and their transatlantic careers, such as those featuring Walter Landor and Marie Munk.
  • Entries about organizations, companies, and institutions of higher learning, such as this one for the Museum of Modern Art.
  • Annotated links to articles that shed light on American perceptions of Europe between 1930 and 1980, such as this article from the St. Petersburg Times.

Entries about individuals and organizations should be approximately 1,500 words in length and address the Transatlantic Perspective themes relevant to the selected topic. We are also asking contributors to provide bibliographical information, a selected publications list, and information on archival holdings, as well as images and illustrative documents if possible. We welcome contributions in (among others) the following areas:

  • Law, public policy, and social movements
  • Urban planning and architecture
  • Business and the economy
  • Science and technology
  • Arts, intellectual life, and popular culture

If you are working on questions of transatlantic migration and exile, transnational transfers, or mutual European-American perceptions, and are interested in contributing to this project, please contact Jan Logemann ( or Lauren Shaw ( for more information and contributor guidelines. This project is ongoing, but for planning purposes, please contact us by May 15, 2013.

The Transatlantic Perspectives research project is supported by the GHI Washington and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.