Managers, public relations experts, and advertising specialists of European multinationals in the United States.

Multinational corporations play a crucial role in the global economy. However, companies face challenges when entering foreign markets as they are confronted with new business practices and consumer cultures.  To address these challenges, many companies utilize the help of local experts in public relations and advertising to adapt corporate marketing strategies to the domestic market.

This topic deals with managers sent to the United States by European multinationals in the second half of the 20th century. The work of these business migrants was often completed within a few years, and most returned home afterwards. The experiences gained while in the United States, however, impacted the business practices of the parent companies in Europe.

The entries further contain biographies of American experts who worked with European multinationals in the U.S. market. These public relations and advertising specialists faced the challenge of adapting transnational enterprises to local circumstances in the United States. They played an important role in determining a company’s success or failure in the United States.

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