The Transatlantic Perspectives project will welcome three short-term visiting fellows in 2013. Each of their ongoing research projects contributes to different aspects of the overall project, ranging from questions of identification among European immigrants to the US, to transnational networks of émigrés, and the impact of migrant careers on U.S. society.

Martin Nekola (Charles University Prague) will join the project in February and March. His research focuses on the Assembly of Captive European Nations (ACEN) and networks of Eastern European émigrés in postwar America. 

Christiane Bauer (LMU Munich) will join the project in May and June. Her dissertation, “Deutschlandbilder der Nachfahren von deutschen Immigranten in den USA. Eine erinnerungsgeschichtliche Auseinandersetzung mit Migration und Identität” will analyze perceptions of Germany among second-generation German-Americans.

Nora Binder (University of Konstanz) will join the project from July to November. Her PhD project, “Experimentelles Subjekt und demokratische Gruppe. Zur Sozialpsychologie der Lewin-Schule,” explores the transatlantic career and contributions of social psychologist Kurt Lewin.