The workshop “More Atlantic Crossings? Europe’s Role in an Entangled History of the Atlantic World, 1950s-1970s” was held this past week in Washington at the German Historical Institute. The workshop brought together graduate students and scholars from Europe and the United States to discuss their research and transatlantic exchange in the decades following World War II. Below are some first impressions from the weekend. A full conference report to follow.

The participants of the workshop:

Back Row – Mary Nolan (convener), Anne Zetsche, Stephen Milder, Kenneth Weisbrode, Jens Elberfeld, Jan Logemann (convener), Quinn Slobodian, Thomas Wheatland, Phillip Wagner, Matthieu Leimgruber, Andreas Joch; Middle Row – Daniel Rodgers (convener), Merel Leeman, Tal Arbel, Udi Greenberg, Andrea Mariuzzo, Lauren Shaw; Front Row – Christian Gütgemann, Corinna Ludwig, Alessandra Bitumi, Barbara Reiterer, Daniel Bessner, Elizabeth Tandy Shermer [Not pictured: Carola Hein]

Scholars presented their research on a variety of topics:

Left to right – Richard Wetzell (chair), Tal Arbel, Barbara Reiterer, Jens Elberfeld

Panelists received feedback from their peers:

Left to right – Ines Prodöhl (chair), Stephen Milder, Christian Gütgemann, Udi Greenberg, Quinn Slobodian

Participants and guests contributed to engaging and productive discussions:

Left to right – Barbara Reiterer, Andreas Joch, Merel Leeman, Anne Zetsche, Mary Nolan (convener), Ines Prodöhl (chair), Stephen Milder