Conference at the Institute for the History of the German Jews, Hamburg

October 24–26, 2013

Conveners: Jan Logemann (GHI) and Miriam Rürup (Institute for the History of the German Jews)
Organizer: Lauren Shaw (GHI) and Björn Siegel (Institute for the History of the German Jews)

Program: Migrants as “Translators”

This workshop will focus on the role of migrants as mediating agents and cultural translators in social transformations and exchanges in postwar Western Europe. European immigrants and émigrés to the United States, for example, played a vital role in building networks between European and American institutions after the war. These émigrés frequently acted as experts, analysts, and envoys for American government organizations in the context of postwar reconstruction and Cold War public diplomacy. As visiting scholars, artists or professionals they helped initiate transformations in various fields of postwar European societies. How did they help shape what contemporaries discussed as social or cultural “modernization”?

The keynote lecture “Migration and the Translation” by Doris Bachmann-Medick (University of Giessen) with a comment from a migration studies perspective by Nancy L. Green (EHESS Paris) is free and open to the public. (Warburg Haus, Hamburg. Thursday, Oct. 24, 6:30 pm).

If you are interested in attending the keynote lecture or workshop panels, please write to: