September 25-28, 2012

Jan Logemann presented Der Blick zurück: “Europa” in den Augen europäischer Migranten in den USA at the 49th German Historikertag in Mainz in September. The talk outlined the core questions of the Transatlantic Perspectives project as part of a panel on “Historische Außenansichten auf Europa: Annäherung aus (post)kolonialer und transatlantischer Perspektive”which was organized in cooperation with two other BMBF-funded projects directed by Dr. Bekim Agai (Bonn) and Dr. Judith Becker (Mainz). Turning the traditional theme of “Orientalism” on its head, the panel also featured Asian, Latin-American, and African perspectives on and contributions to discursive constructions of “Europe” and “Europeanness.”

Andreas Joch and Corinna Ludwig participated in the conference’s graduate student forum where they presented their projects in a poster session.

More information and abstracts of the individual papers are available on the Historikertag website.

The conference report for the panel “Historische Außenansichten auf Europa” has been published on H-Soz-u-Kult and can be found here.

The panel was also featured prominently in this news item on the University of Mainz website.